LIL-JAY. Fitness is more than just a brand. We are a family! The goal of the LIL-JAY Fitness Family is to help troubled youth in finding pathways and outlets in their lives. We plan to accomplish this by actively engaging with as many group homes and programs as possible to offer support in guiding young adults as they transition into adulthood. More importantly, leading by example and demonstrating that anything is possible! By leveraging all of our athletes nationwide, we will be able to help secure housing facilities. We aim to establish as many connections as possible with other support systems across the country.

"It's not about what you go through, it's about how you handle it." This is a saying that the founder of LIL-JAY Fitness always emphasizes. The brand name is inspired by the founder. "Lil Jay." The name was given to him when he was a young boy. He shared the same name as his absent father, and this became his alias. The name stuck with him throughout his teenage years as he moved in and out of group homes and foster care. After experiencing homelessness as a teenager and struggling with alcoholism, drug addiction, and obesity as he transitioned into adulthood, he realized that he could use his experiences to help others who are facing similar challenges while growing up, just like he and his eight brothers did. Today, the founder, Jason Hepworth is a father, a working tradesman, and an entrepreneur who has discovered love and passion in bodybuilding. He competes in the sport and, without a doubt, he wanted to establish the LIL-JAY Fitness Family with the aim of making a positive impact on the lives of nearly 500,000 kids in foster care and another 7.2 million young adults and youth experiencing homelessness.